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Do We Need Mega Churches in Africa?

A revolutionary soldier was asked the above question by a Nigerian on a social media platform.

Below is his response. It happened on 3rd December, 2019.

Comparisons, very useful when you would progress. For here in the Goka Kingdom, we say: no one is short, or tall, except by comparison.

But, with all the accolades given to the Americans, Europeans, Asians, and the new test case in Africa, Rwanda, for all the strides they’ve made, do you want to mean it’s as a result of them not having big churches that has propelled them to such feat (s)????

And, do you “concur” also, that your home country Nigeria is failing because there are big churches and rich pastors?

Such conjecturing could mean, but a limited scope with your looking of things objectively.

Why don’t you also take it that having 8 most richest pastors in the world being Nigerians a plus?

I do know many a Ghanaian who pilgrim to Nigeria to bow before the feet of TB Joshua, a renowned pastor there in Nigeria, even our late President, Atta Mills. That’s a plus for your country. I should worry, not you.

Do We Need Mega Churches in Africa?

The bitter fact is, everything in this world is in flux, there’s no truth, there’s no lies. It’s your truth, and my truth.

Life is how you make it.

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If you have any advice for the leaders of your country Nigeria, it should be telling them to make there a centre of tourists attraction. They can build the next Mecca there if they invest in the “conning” business of the pastors (as you want to claim), and Nigeria will be a pilgrim’s pride.
Ask Saudi Arabia what the country make socioeconomically during the Hajj.

We’re all building our kingdoms, wisdom rules.

Do We Need Mega Churches in Africa?

Written by: Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord)
Contact/WhatsApp: +233249542111
Email: sirlord42111@gmail.com


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