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Lessons Learnt From The Lives Of Michael Jackson And Barack Obama

I loved Michael Jackson.
He’s the biggest thing ever to happen in Music (pop music).

But, it’s unfortunate that he was pushed to denounce his black colour and shed it off just because “the White supremacist will love him as one of their own, and patronise his artwork”.

Ironically, this was after “Thriller” has broken Box Office records.

Do you know also it’s public knowledge confirmed now that two of his three children were clone babies, test tube babies? I think Prince Jnr and Paris.

Lessons Learnt From The Lives Of Michael Jackson And Barack Obama

Such is how our detractors steal from us our culture and personality.

One, he changes the skin colour.
Two, his children are literally born in a laboratory.

So, no direct descendants of his (Michael Jackson), in order not to have his type in the African entertainers.

Michael has not been the only African descendant to suffer such fate.

Barack Obama is a politician I love greatly. I read books he authors, articles he authors, and stories written about him.

Barack Obama visited Kenya in 1986

Lessons Learnt From The Lives Of Michael Jackson And Barack Obama

My love for him took a turn the very day his wife Michelle came out to say their children were test tube babies.

That was after they have left the White House.

So, he too, they’ve stolen from him his progeny, his blood type in the Black community?

Is there any wonder he was the one used to proclaim the legalisation of LGBTQ in the United States of America?

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Let’s wise up fellow awakened Black soldiers.

Let’s weigh the beautiful packages presented to us by our detractors. Those who are fighting tooth and nail to take our Blackism today and tomorrow from us.

We could say Michael Jackson was not as much educated as Barack Obama is, but they’ve all had their portions of the deceit.

It’s time we let history teaches us a bitter truth. If it’s our generation that we can’t educate to win this war, it shouldn’t be our future generations.

From today, let’s teach them that: Black is beautiful, and it’s the most envied skin we wear.
Let’s teach them that Whiteman’s bleaching chemicals are toxins that cause cancer and deaths.

Let’s teach them that Michael Jackson died a painful death. He was given prescription drugs, propofol, that only for time relieved pain, and eventually killed him through cardiac arrest.
Let’s teach them that another true Blackman can never be created in a laboratory, but in a union between two Black bloods.

Then, from hence, my revolution reiterates the denunciation that: bleaching is evil. Cloning is evil. Homosexuality is evil. Such evils are embraceable by people without conscience, not the African/Blackman made by the Master’s original hand.

Long live Blackism.

Long live Africanism.

Long live the true marriage of old.

Written by:Ghnewslife.com Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord)
Contact/WhatsApp: +233249542111
Email: sirlord42111@mail.com


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