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Yes, Let There Be Light; What Rawlingsism Teaches The New Revolutionary

Though a divisive figure, Ghanaians love president Rawlings.

As the folks of my native Goka Kingdom puts it: it’s the Okwaduo (ugly beast) that you despise, not its sprinting might.

In spite of all stories written about President Rawlings from whatever corner of the political divide, either from the Right or from the Left, the forebear and nursing mother of the Fourth Republic is respected for his disciplinary leadership he introduced to Ghanaians, and all Africans who studied him from afar.

In our Trotros (taxis), streets, homes, work places, when we see indiscipline displayed by civilians and men in uniform, the only words we fondly mutter out is: “we miss Rawlings days.”

Yes, Rawlings Days was when the light he held to brighten the darkened corners of our socioeconomic life left a telling patriotic discipline in Ghanaians.

The evils he fought then in his Revolution has reared its ugly head today, like the redeveloping monster with numerous heads.

Yes, Let There Be Light; What Rawlingsism Teaches The New Revolutionary

The new soldiers who are on course to rescue and rebuild our country Ghana and Africa should borrow leaves from the beautiful legacy of President Rawlings, before office, in office, and after office.

It’s time we hold high the perpetual flame that rekindle the dying embers of Rawlingsism aloft in the darkened skies of Africa to illuminate and glow so there will be light.

Yes, let there be light in Africa!
Vestiges of colonialism is a still hovering darkness that stymies our strides to progress, causing us to stumble and fall, so let there be light!

The leader today in Africa is made to walk and grope in darkness that blinds his seeing of the exploitations that steals us of our betters and subject the good people of Africa to a suffocating misery, so let there be light!

The darkened corners of our education today is an omen to us that Africa’s future is gradually buried in our time, so let there be light!
Our school going generation are literally “garbage in garbage out” owing to the dark clouds within which they’re trained – heavy blocks in Free Senior High Education, built on a clay Basic Education; so let there be light!

Soldiers, not only are we to admire what called for President Rawlings to sleep and awake on empty stomach with the sole aim of illumining the darkened corners of our Ghanaian and African life, but as there’s still smouldering life in his values and virtues, let’s tap into that light and incinerate every evil that harbours the intent to douse our soldiery fire. So,Yes, let there be light!

Comrades, with soul force, inspired by the ancient Africanism spirit, we’re assured winners. We’re the proverbial light that fight darkness. From every corner that we’re placed, let’s glow higher to overcome the challenging darkness to Africa’s progress.

Long Live Nkrumahism!

Long live Rawlingsism!

Long Live our perpetual flame!

Long Live Africanism!

Written by: Ghnewslife.com Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord)

Contact/WhatsApp: +233249542111

Email: sirlord42111@gmail.com

Long Live Ghana.


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